Mars/Pluto Retrograde – the BIG turnaround… April 15, ’16

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The Universe has its own natural order and rhythm that allows for creation, growth and energetic flow, regardless of what we think about it! Death and rebirth are organic facets of the cycles of life – and we are entering a part of the cycle that allows for reorganization and breaking down old, stale patterns.

This is a week of Retrogrades (Rx), where energetic changes can activate fear-based thoughts and feelings that will take you down if you aren’t mindful, focused, and positive when making decisions.

Mars is the warrior, your will, and how you go for it! But when it’s Retrograde, you need to review/revise activities/actions and make course corrections wherever necessary. This is not the time to begin new projects, as continuous obstacles will likely be draining or will just make everything feel really hard (pushing a rock up a hill).

Remember, Mars wants to go NOW, be first, the shortest distance between point A and point B. It is antithetical to Mars energy to be slow – or even worse, retreating! The warrior backing up?! NO….

And Mars Rx goes from April 17th to June 29th. That’s a long time! Anything to do with movement can be impeded by Mars Rx – and Mars rules your car. Be sure to check your car, especially if you’re going on a road trip.

So what to do? This is your time to examine and review what’s not working – and be willing to go to Plan B. Undo/redo, revamp, or reconfigure what’s in front of you that needs attention – and maybe even an entirely new approach is called for in order to shift out of the non-working energy.

**Important message** You may think you have a problem, but when you find the opportunity within the setup, you will be empowered. Set your intention and make it your business to find a solution that is for the Highest Good for any situation or experience you’re having. This is success, in my book, and I so want this for you!

Pluto goes Retrograde on Monday, just after the Mars Retrograde. Oh boy, the two Power Players turning Rx back-to-back, like putting Miracle Gro on the energy of aggression, power, resentments, frustration and attacks. You may see expressions of this energy (which we now see all the time) in world events. Politics, anyone?!

Easy does it in your life. Do not fight! Nobody wins by fighting. Find a way to connect and be willing to come to an agreement – or ask yourself, “How important is it?” and consider whether what you’re triggered over is worth what you’re going through (or will be going through to stay engaged).

I know someone who has been fighting an industry injustice for years – and her health is falling apart, but she won’t let go. She is so trapped in righteous indignation and she can’t see that it’s a losing battle. I know this is a dramatic story, but it illustrates a point.

Where do you want to put your energy and attention? This is your opportunity to decide deliberately rather than be in panic, fear or reaction. You can choose your focus and create a joyful process of reorganization, using your will with optimism and a clear intention for realizing your goals.

So really, this is a test. Will you rise up and operate from your Higher Self or sink down into a battle from an ego identity?

The Sun enters grounded, steady Taurus on Tuesday – and although the surrounding planets are activated in dramatic ways, you can choose peace. Connect with the earth and appreciate the beauty of nature whenever possible. Be in the present moment and focus on something positive to shift yourself out of negativity or frustration should that come up.

Take good care of yourself – and choose a positive direction for this Mars Retrograde period so you’re proactive rather than reactive.

U.S. Income Taxes due Mon, April 18th – and astrologers know that the best time to file your Income Tax Returns is when the Moon is Void of Course, because nothing will come of the matter (no audits :))

****We still have major Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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