Current Astro Events – Aug 1, ’14

  Happy August! This week we have 3 planets in Leo (the leader) – the Sun, Jupiter (expansion/beliefs), and Mercury (communication). We also have Mars (action/will) in Scorpio (power/transformation) squaring the Leo planets. This can create angry thoughts/words, fighting, self-righteous and other puffed up, “I’m right and you’re wrong” energies being flung about. There’s a lot […]

Current Astro Events – July 18, ’14

Jupiter is now in Leo, giving you a boost to expand, step forward and boldly express your creativity and big vision! It’s time to come out of hiding in some aspect of your life. You can probably feel where your soul is calling for you to show up more fully and be even more of yourself! Monitoring […]

Current Astro Events – April 4, ’14

The stage is being set and the anticipation is building, day by day, for the dramatic astrological setup we will experience during the month of April. The planets are moving into position to form a Grand Cardinal Cross (or Grand Square). This contains four planets squaring each other, along with two oppositions. It is combustible, pressurized […]