Current Astro Events – March 9, ’12

We are rocketing into an ocean of various and seemingly contradictory energies in the coming week. A positive attitude, calm presence, and big picture vision will enable you to stay afloat and be productive regardless of what’s going on around you. Grand Earth Trine – Jupiter, Pluto & Mars Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are connected […]

Current Astro Events – Dec 2, ’11

We’re in a Venus (love, desire)/Pluto (power, transformation) conjunction, which can mean a variety of things, but the lower expressions usually express as drama. You may find yourself in a triangular relationship (three people), whether it’s love, family or business – but there are huge issues around possessiveness and control in the mix. Here’s a […]

Current astro – May 20, ’11

Although the Sun moves into Gemini on Sat, May 21st, we still have Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus all connected to powerful Pluto over the weekend facilitating grounded, practical, smart financial decisions if you’re paying attention! Because Pluto is aspecting Venus (love, $$, values), Mars (will, action), and Mercury (thinking, communication), the potential to […]