1st New Moon in Leo – July 23, 2017

We complete the energy of Cancer tomorrow as the Sun prepares for the first of two New Moons in Leo on Sunday, July 23 at 0º Leo. We’ve just been through Uranus (change, rebellion) squaring the Sun and Mars in sensitive Cancer, creating discomfort, edginess and a feeling of things being out of whack. But […]

Rock & Roll to New Moon in Cancer – July ’15

This week you will be invited to examine and explore self-love, self-care, liberation/freedom and power. How’s that for a handful?! Various energies are at work, rocking and rolling – some expansive and uplifting, with others that may activate unhealed areas giving you the opportunity to recognize and integrate them. We are blessed with smooth, creative […]

Current Astro Events – July 4, ’14

  This week we are readjusting as we begin to inch forward, which is a welcomed shift after a year of successive Retrograde planets that has impacted our ability to move freely. The tide is turning now. Pay attention to messages that come into your orbit – they are not random. Use them for your Highest […]