Time of Preparation: Neptune Direct – Nov ’14

We’ve just been through a challenging few days with Mars (action/will) and Pluto (power/upheaval) squaring Uranus (unexpected change), and areas still linger that aren’t yet smooth or clear. This energy acts as a catalyst for change (often in dramatic ways), creating abrupt wake-up calls and major letting go.¬†We are approaching the 6th of the 7 […]

Current Astro Events – Oct 28, ’11

So we continue on in Scorpio – the energy of transformation and purification, and the energy is especially intense this year as we approach 2012. Uranus (the revolutionary) in Aries (the warrior) squaring Pluto (power) continues to instigate and activate smoldering issues, fanning the flames to a fever pitch. Change is in the air and […]

Current Astro Events – Oct 14, ’11

We continue in the energy of Pluto, planet of transformation and upheaval – or the death of your false Self and the birth of your Authentic Self. Yes, there are parts of you in operation that have been indoctrinated by family, community, culture as well as your country – behaviors, beliefs, opinions and attitudes that […]