Sun in Taurus – April 19, ’13

It’s a BIG week, energetically. Know that whatever comes, all is well. Decide in advance. Deliberately create your experience! The Sun transitions from impulsive Aries into grounded Taurus today at 6pm ET, followed tomorrow by Mars (action/will), which slows down considerably when it leaves Aries for “no rush” Taurus. We have the Sun, Mars and […]

Current astro – May 20, ’11

Although the Sun moves into Gemini on Sat, May 21st, we still have Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus all connected to powerful Pluto over the weekend facilitating grounded, practical, smart financial decisions if you’re paying attention! Because Pluto is aspecting Venus (love, $$, values), Mars (will, action), and Mercury (thinking, communication), the potential to […]

Full Moon in Scorpio – May ’11

During the week of May 13th we shift from the  dominance of impulsive Aries into  to a more practical, earthy feeling in the coming week. The Sun in Taurus is joined by Mars, providing stamina to work more diligently. It will be joined by Venus and Mercury in Taurus next week, creating even greater stability […]

Mercury Direct – April ’11

Mercury Direct – April 23, ’11 Mercury finally goes Direct on April 23rd, but it opposes Saturn (the Great Teacher) until April 28th. This means that it may not really feel like Mercury is moving forward and it may seem like Mercury Retrograde “Extended” until mid-week. Just so you know, wishy-washy won’t work! This energy […]