Uranus Square Pluto – June 24, ’12

You may be feeling the intense effects of the Uranus-Pluto square, which some days may feel like having your head in a vice. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but this energy can create a feeling of struggle, obstacles or conflict. Here’s the higher expression of the energy: You can utilize the energy of Uranus […]

Pluto Square Uranus – June 24th

Know that in the coming week we will be approaching the first exact square of Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (revolution) – two powerhouse, strong-willed, fixed energies that are combustible in hard aspect to one another (a square). Pluto is death and rebirth, upheaval, power, control, covert actions/intentions, everything hidden, and can be domination. Uranus is […]

New Moon in Taurus – May 2/3, ’11

Current Events – April 29th Although this week we enter the month of May and the New Moon in Taurus late Mon night, we still have a LOT of planets in Aries. This gives us an abundance of fiery, impulsive, red-hot energy flying around, ready to jump into action. At the same time, it’s opposed […]

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde

Sun in Aquarius ~ Jan 20, ’11 The Sun is in the independent, innovative sign of Aquarius, where the call is to live from your Authentic Self, tap into your brilliance, and dare to do things in your own unique way.  This is not the time to be conservative or shy about being yourself! Mars […]

Full Moon in Pisces – Aug 24, ’10

We have plenty of cosmic activity as we approach the Full Moon in dreamy, compassionate Pisces on Aug 24th at 1:05pm EDT. The Full Moon is the culmination of things – when hidden things come to light. In Pisces, it’s the ideal time to meditate, be in nature, listen to beautiful music, be creative or […]

Pluto Retrograde – April 6, ’10

We are in the midst of intense energetic shifts in the weeks ahead and it’s important to understand what’s being asked of you for your continuing evolution in order to move forward in constructive ways. With key planets Retrograde, you’ll be going back over old territory to undo/redo, make adjustments and finalize completions that need to happen. […]

Full Moon in Libra – March 29, ’10

We have a Full Moon in Libra on Monday night, March 28th and emotional reactivity is rising, so stay awake (conscious), focus on the positive, and easy does it until the energy “pops” after the Moon is Full.  A Full Moon is the culmination of things or when things come to light, so notice what comes to fruition now, either in the form […]

Spring Equinox – March 20, ’10

Happy Astrological New Year!  The  Spring  Equinox occurs as the  Sun enters   Aries on Sat, March 20th at 1:32 pm ET. This is the ultimate new beginning – a time of rebirth when the energies of the Universe support creation and action. The New Moon in Pisces last week was the final New Moon of […]

New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 16, ’09

7:02 am EST ~ 4:02 am PST    The New Moon is the time for new beginnings  so take an action  directed toward what you want to increase, create or develop in your life. Sagittarius is the “truthteller” and rules higher truth, the meaning of life, spirituality, law, religion, belief systems, philosophy, higher education, ideals, ethics, publishing, broadcasting, […]