New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces – March 8, ’16

This week begins with a Mars-Mercury square, Friday and Sat – a hard aspect between the planets that rule will/aggression and communication/info. This setup is ripe for arguments, pushing an agenda (political or otherwise :)), manipulation, verbal attacks, and character assassination. This calls for mindful communications and self-inquiry before you take action and speak your mind if […]

Lunar Eclipse in Libra – April 3, 2015

We have dynamic, unpredictable energies again this week, so prepare for a ride – and decide to make it a good one! The Lunar Eclipse on the Aries-Libra axis tomorrow morning has a particularly potent effect, as it aspects the sensitive Uranus-Pluto square of March 16th. Watch for breakdowns and breakthroughs as life is restructured, […]

Current Astro Event – March 6, 2015

This is a month in which you will likely experience major changes and unexpected events, whether for you personally or in the world at large. My guidance is to direct your actions and energy toward what you want to create (while being flexible), especially when life unfolds differently than you were expecting. Imagine riding the waves […]

Between Eclipses – Oct 10, ’14

We are in between two Eclipses and in Mercury Retrograde. What a recipe for endings, undoings, restructuring, reconfiguring, rebuilding, emerging and new beginnings! Think about how profound the cycles of life are – and how changes (often dramatic) redirect the course of your path and who you become. When you believe that the changes you experience […]

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Nov 3, ’13

We are at a turning point, where a collection of deep, profound energetic alignments occur, affecting us all collectively and personally. It sometimes feels like being in a slow moving earthquake, where successive events continue to alter the landscape, literally and figuratively – and you must shift accordingly to maintain your balance. Where are you […]

Goodbye Rocktober! Oct 25, ’13

The Sun has now entered passionate, intense Scorpio – sign of transformation and going deep, deep, deep. It’s time to get to the core of non-working patterns to make corrections. Scorpio pushes you to get real (whether you think you’re ready or not), by bringing up shadowy energies so you know what needs attention. Don’t […]

Current Astro Events – May 17, ’13

This is a high-test energetic week. We open with the Uranus-Pluto square and close with a Lunar Eclipse – it doesn’t get much more intense than this. On Monday, May 20th we have the 3rd exact Uranus-Pluto square, which can create a level of fear and tension that exponentially heightens the potential for over-reaction and […]

Current Astro Events – May 25, ’12

Although we’re in the rational sign of Gemini, experiential Neptune squared the Solar Eclipse and is still in the mix with the Sun and Mercury (info/communication). This can either facilitate intuitive connections or create illusions. Be discerning (Higher Self/Lower Self) and take your time when making important decisions. Be deliberate – and if you’re not […]