Current Astro Events – August 15, ’14

This is the last week of the Sun in Leo and there is a brilliant, joyful gift to go with it. Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Leo now through mid-week of next week, creating opportunities for receiving attention, abundance, $$, love and recognition. What fun – what a gift!  You may feel like socializing or […]

Goodbye Rocktober! Oct 25, ’13

The Sun has now entered passionate, intense Scorpio – sign of transformation and going deep, deep, deep. It’s time to get to the core of non-working patterns to make corrections. Scorpio pushes you to get real (whether you think you’re ready or not), by bringing up shadowy energies so you know what needs attention. Don’t […]

Current Astro Events – Oct 29, ’10

Although the New Moon isn’t until next week, the Sun, Mercury and Venus Retrograde are all in Scorpio right now. Very deep, profound energy! This means opportunities for transformation are available IF you’re willing to take full response-ability for everything that you create in your life. The opportunity is to make course corrections where you […]