The Retrogrades & Full Moon in Libra – April 2017

Saturn turned Retrograde yesterday, calling for revision and course corrections regarding career, authorities, your Inner Authority and life structures. You are experiencing the effects of prior decisions and actions – and will have until late August to rebuild and recreate whatever is needed. That’s the invitation – to get real and make some new decisions […]

Current Astro Events – March 7, ’14

Decisions, decisions… you may feel like you have many to make today – and you may be lacking the clarity you need in order to feel comfortable making them.  If so, get out of your head and drop into your heart. Feel where you’re meant to be and consider the big picture. Reach out and […]

Mercury Direct / New Moon in Pisces and more…

  Mercury Direct – Feb 28, ’14  There are so many astrological changes and energetic shifts this week, I’ll break them down one by one… First, after three long weeks Mercury is Direct, bringing new information, clarity, solutions and connections that weren’t evident or available before. Hallelujah! Know that it will take about a week for […]

Saturn Retrograde – Feb 7 – June 25, ’12

Saturn, planet of reality, structure, and manifesting, is about to go retrograde for four months. This happens at the same time that Mars, another work planet, is Retrograde. If you have anything new in the works and you’re waiting for results, action, or an opportunity to make a move, going forward may be slower than […]

New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 2, ’11

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde Here’s the current energetic picture: Your right foot (Jupiter) is on the gas pedal, ready to fly! Your left foot (Saturn) is on the brake pedal, slowingyou down cautiously so that you pay attention to the road. They are two distinctly different energies with opposing agendas – more and bigger […]

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde

Sun in Aquarius ~ Jan 20, ’11 The Sun is in the independent, innovative sign of Aquarius, where the call is to live from your Authentic Self, tap into your brilliance, and dare to do things in your own unique way.  This is not the time to be conservative or shy about being yourself! Mars […]