Current Astro Events – Dec 4, ’15

We are entering an intense week, so it’s a good idea to decide up front to practice patience, be awake and non-reactive. Be Spock. Get the data and step back to assess from an objective, neutral position before making decisions. And use your intuition to feel into what’s right for you whenever possible. The Saturn-Neptune square […]

Sun in Sagittarius / Fresh Air Friday – Nov 27, ’15

We open the week with the Sun in idealistic, expansive Sagittarius, which can either be uplifting or tempt you to be overzealous about whatever you’re focused on. Sagittarius rules politics, foreign travel/other cultures, religion, belief systems and righteousness, which can feed the energy of digging in your heels (just to mention some relevant energies). On […]

This feels like a time of grace, especially in the first half of the week, when there are flowing energies that allow for peace, harmony and opportunities for forward movement. Neptune, planet of Divine Love, alternate realities (higher and lower), dreams, and all things mystical, is Stationing to turn Direct on Wed, Nov 18th. This […]