11-11-11 Astrology

It’s been a huge week astrologically!  First, Neptune went Direct on Wed, activating the energy of Oneness for humanity and supporting you in taking steps toward manifesting your dreams. Yesterday we had a Full Moon on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, which rules money, values, and transformation. It’s time for you to decide what really matters to […]

Go Where It’s Warm…

Welcome to the energy of Scorpio, ruler of issues that involve upheaval, power, transformation, and all things hidden – which can be unsettling, as you feel out of control when it’s happening to you. If you are having an uncomfortable experience, I suggest that you give yourself as much space as possible for self-care. What […]

New Moon Intentions

Creating New Moon Intentions New Moon Intentions are a concrete way of stating what you want in your life. Because Spirit is within you and flows through you, this is the place from which you create. Creativity is a “Divine download” and is your unique expression of channeling Spirit. You have the power to manifest […]

Check your growth

10 years ago

  I’ve just returned from my Platinum Mastermind group in Asheville, NC. It was a poignant conclusion to a transformative year, not only for me, but for all of my sisters in spirit! I look back at where I was one year ago and marvel at my growth, both internally and externally. As you know, […]

Full Moon in Aries – Oct 11, ’11

                 Full Moon in Aries – Oct 11, ’11                      7:06 pm PDT ~ 10:06 pm EDT  A Full Moon is when things come to light and it’s also the culmination of things and the Full Moon in Aries is on Oct 11th. You can expect emotional energy to increase over the weekend and […]

New Moon in Libra – Sept 27, ’11

4:09 am PDT ~ 7:09 am EDT     This New Moon is in the “other”-oriented sign of Libra. The New Moon is about new beginnings – time to take actions toward what you want to create in your life. Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, and harmony, and the focus is on […]

Current Astro – June 24, ’11

Pluto opposite Sun Pluto, planet of power, control and transformation opposes the Sun this week. This can manifest as power struggles or feeling like you’re being manipulated or pressured into doing something you really don’t want to do. You’ll know it if this comes up for you because it triggers issues around power and powerlessness. […]

New Moon in Taurus – May 2/3, ’11

Current Events – April 29th Although this week we enter the month of May and the New Moon in Taurus late Mon night, we still have a LOT of planets in Aries. This gives us an abundance of fiery, impulsive, red-hot energy flying around, ready to jump into action. At the same time, it’s opposed […]

Mercury Retrograde Alert – March 25, ’11

We have four planets in Aries (with three more on the way in April),  keeping the pace active and sometimes combustible, as Aries is tremendously willful. The higher expression of Aries is courageous leadership and the lower expression is a selfish, narcissistic “My way or the highway!” attitude. You always choose how you experience life […]

Uranus in Aries – March 11, ’11

Uranus arrived in fiery Aries today, in conjunction with the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  What an entrance! This energy of change, innovation and the unexpected is sure to make a splash in all of our lives one way or another. As Uraunus leaves Pisces, it can bring up old emotional patterns that you were sure you’d […]