Life with a Uranus Twist – July 14, 2017

Mercury and Jupiter click today, offering opportunities for good news, bright ideas and beneficial communications. It’s a great day for sales calls, requests, connections, creating, brainstorming or proposing a new idea or plan. Use it or lose it! Ultimately, this is a week of potential awakening and change activated by Mars and Uranus, which can […]

Happy Summer Solstice – June 2015

After a challenging Mercury Retrograde period, the chaotic energy is finally lifting and life is beginning to flow. We have a smooth opening to the weekend, upbeat and lively in the final days of Gemini. The Summer Solstice is on Sunday, June 21 at 12:38pm EDT, the longest day of the year and the peak of […]

Ask for What You Want – and Get It

Is ASKING for what you want challenging for you?  Do you wonder how others do this so easily? Do you feel wrong or bad when you think of asking for something? Do you have to be sick, disabled, or have a problem before you’re allowed to ask for help or support? Do you “mind read” how the other […]

Are you a good Receiver?

  We’re approaching the next round of energetic shifts that promise to change the landscape. Here’s the line-up for the next 6 weeks: a Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, Uranus-Pluto square, and a Solar Eclipse. Letting go will be part of your experience, but what do you need to let go of – an idea, project, worry, a […]

A Whole New & Different Year

11 years ago

I don’t know about you, but this year feels so different for me already! I made some decisions last fall that have changed the trajectory of my path and development in a major way. First, I committed to rejoin my business coach and mastermind group for 2013 in mid-Oct. A few weeks later I was […]

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter goes into Gemini on June 11th for one year. Jupiter is expansive and Gemini is curious, social and all over the place, multi-tasking! If you have planets in Gemini, get ready for action and activity! The energy of Jupiter is “more” and a “big picture” vision. However, Jupiter in Gemini can scatter you all […]

Venus Retrograde – May 15 – June 27, ’12

Venus is the planet of love, money, creativity, relationships, values (what we value and how we value ourselves), aesthetics, your personal style, and what makes life worth living. On May 15th, Venus will go retrograde (appearing to move backwards through the heavens) and you can expect it to put a new spin on your love […]

Full Moon in Scorpio – May 5, ’12

8:35 pm PDT ~ 11:35pm EDT The powerful Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday is just the first of several MAJOR astrological events taking place in the month of May, so fasten your seatbelt! This is a “SuperMoon” because it falls so close to the earth’s surface, which affects the earth’s electromagnetic field. All Full […]

Whitney Houston’s Passing and Your Life

12 years ago

Last Sat we experienced the death of Whitney Houston, which brought up lots of grief for me, even though I’ve been clean and sober for 20 years. Looking at young Whitney, so fresh with such a gift – and to see how she threw herself away brought back memories of the damage I did to […]