Mercury Retrograde/Lunar Eclipse – Oct ’14

You and your life will likely be rearranged and reconfigured this week or something will end/begin. Boy, do we have a potpourri of energies swirling around… Today and all weekend the Sun squares Pluto (power/upheaval) revealing hidden and/or unconscious info to be faced and handled – not always pleasant or easy, but always beneficial in […]

Current Astro Events – Aug 29, ’14

  We begin the week with a Sun-Neptune opposition today, highlighting the soft dreamy energy of imagination, compassion, solitude and Divine Love – or confusion, sacrifice and deception.  This can be a planetary big picture energy – how you imagine the world can be and your part in it. I suggest that you choose the […]

New Moon in Leo – July 26, ’14

     We have a Sun-Jupiter combo to start the week off that either creates a burst of enthusiasm and “can do” spirit or over-doing it. It is buoyant energy for sure – you just have to be mindful that you don’t go overboard – i.e., more is better :)) Tonight Mars (action/will) moves out […]

Post-Eclipse Astro Events – May 2, ’14

We’re now in the post-Eclipse course correction. Aspects of life and/or consciousness that were affected during the Grand Cardinal Cross and the Eclipses are now being reconfigured, like a snow globe resettling after being vigorously shaken. Any unwanted reality that became obvious during April is what you’re meant to be handling now. Any pain you feel […]

Full Moon in Scorpio – May 5, ’12

8:35 pm PDT ~ 11:35pm EDT The powerful Full Moon in Scorpio on Saturday is just the first of several MAJOR astrological events taking place in the month of May, so fasten your seatbelt! This is a “SuperMoon” because it falls so close to the earth’s surface, which affects the earth’s electromagnetic field. All Full […]

Full Moon in Aries – Oct 11, ’11

                 Full Moon in Aries – Oct 11, ’11                      7:06 pm PDT ~ 10:06 pm EDT  A Full Moon is when things come to light and it’s also the culmination of things and the Full Moon in Aries is on Oct 11th. You can expect emotional energy to increase over the weekend and […]