New Moon in Aries – April 18, ’15

  Happy lucky Jupiter in Leo is squaring Mars (ruler of Aries) tonight, which can activate exuberant, “leap before you look” energy. Let those bright ideas come through and give yourself the space to review before you commit to anything definite. But do allow the energy to propel you forward — and enjoy it! It feels […]

Lunar Eclipse in Libra – April 3, 2015

We have dynamic, unpredictable energies again this week, so prepare for a ride – and decide to make it a good one! The Lunar Eclipse on the Aries-Libra axis tomorrow morning has a particularly potent effect, as it aspects the sensitive Uranus-Pluto square of March 16th. Watch for breakdowns and breakthroughs as life is restructured, […]

Uranus-Pluto Square Alert – Dec 12, ’14

  The big deal this week is the Uranus-Pluto square that becomes exact on Monday, Dec 15th. The planets have been slowly moving into place and behind all the lively activity we’ve experienced lately, lurks an emerging energy of powerful change and rearranging. Pluto is power, upheaval, what’s hidden and transformation (death of the old, […]

Current Astro Events – Dec 6, ’13

Mars (warrior, maverick) moves into the gracious relationship sign of Libra on Dec 7 – and assertive Mars doesn’t naturally feel polite and accommodating! Mars is the go-getter, the “my way or the highway” planet, whereas Libra is always polite and conscious of the other. Mars in Libra can instigate passive-aggressive behavior or manipulation, so be mindful […]

New Moon in Libra – Oct 4, ’13

The New Moon in Libra is tonight at 8:34pm ET but this is not the usual Libra feeling. Libra is other-oriented – all about relationships, beauty, harmony and making things nice and pretty. Libra wants connection and peace. But this New Moon in Libra has the Uranus/Pluto square involved, which brings power struggles, unexpected events […]