New Moon in Aries – April 18, ’15

  Happy lucky Jupiter in Leo is squaring Mars (ruler of Aries) tonight, which can activate exuberant, “leap before you look” energy. Let those bright ideas come through and give yourself the space to review before you commit to anything definite. But do allow the energy to propel you forward — and enjoy it! It feels […]

The Post-ApocEclipse Period – April 10, ’15

We are in the “post-ApocEclipse” period, which continues for the next few weeks as particles are rearranged after the latest round of structural dismantling.  You can feel the shift in energy from chaotic/intense breakdowns to emerging possibilities and budding new creations — that will blossom and flower in their glory as days and months go by!  […]

Current Astro Event – March 6, 2015

This is a month in which you will likely experience major changes and unexpected events, whether for you personally or in the world at large. My guidance is to direct your actions and energy toward what you want to create (while being flexible), especially when life unfolds differently than you were expecting. Imagine riding the waves […]

Multidimensional March – Feb 27, ’15

Get ready for a multidimensional week, as we have a kaleidoscope of energies operating simultaneously, which can feel like openings or throw you off-balance if you go into reaction rather than directing the energy consciously. We are still in soft, sensitive Pisces,as the Sun conjuncts Neptune (intuition/dreams) and then Chiron (the wounded healer). This is […]

Things Come To Light! Full Moon in Leo – Feb 3, 2015

And the slo-mo beat goes on in Mercury Retrograde through Feb 11th, inviting you to review, reframe and revise anything that’s calling for a course correction or clearing.  Simultaneously, tech issues and communications can be tedious or fraught with challenges. This is a good time to practice patience and give yourself lots of space, whatever is happening. […]

Goodbye 2014 – Happy New Year 2015!

We close out the year with Saturn (Lord of Karma), having moved from intense Scorpio to idealistic, truth-telling Sagittarius – which should be illuminating going forward, personally and collectively. Seeking your personal truth invites you to examine your beliefs and how they serve you. Most people don’t really think about their beliefs – they just […]

Uranus-Pluto Square Alert – Dec 12, ’14

  The big deal this week is the Uranus-Pluto square that becomes exact on Monday, Dec 15th. The planets have been slowly moving into place and behind all the lively activity we’ve experienced lately, lurks an emerging energy of powerful change and rearranging. Pluto is power, upheaval, what’s hidden and transformation (death of the old, […]

New Moon in Sagittarius – Nov 22, ’14

We have a New Moon in Sagittarius early Saturday morning, which invites you to be aware and to take action to activate your new beginning. What do you want to increase, create or develop in your life? This is prime time – and my favorite sign for aligning with something greater that you to create profound […]

Current Astro Events – Nov 7, ’14

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Taurus highlighted decisions we must make (or have already made) this month about what to keep and what to let go of. Clarity around what you value and how you want live will guide the choices you make and direction you take. What really matters – and is your current life […]