Frame Your Future 2016

Powerful energies will be activated in the 2nd half of January that will bring up anything (and everything!) that’s out of alignment with your Authentic Self. When you learn HOW to realign, it will open doors, relieve stress, and create new pathways for you and those around you. Click here for more info.

Current Astro Events – Oct 16, ’15

We begin our final week in harmonious Libra. Now we are finally moving along, as Mercury is flowing – and it is prime time for action! Mars (action/will) is with Jupiter (expansion/abundance) and they’re both in harmony with Pluto (power/transformation). What a super-powered, enthusiastic, “can-do” energy this is! If there’s something you want to create […]

Current Astro Events – Aug 7, ’15

We begin the week with the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury all in the fiery, proud sign of Leo. That a lot of sunny energy! Jupiter (expansion) and Mercury (communication) are traveling together, creating a level of optimism and enthusiasm that is hard to resist. Take actions to make use of the bright ideas you have […]