Cancer Finale | Venus in Virgo – July 17, ’15

We’ve just come through a bumpy New Moon in Cancer, which had a Pluto-Mercury/Mars opposition within it, highlighting emotional buttons where you still hold beliefs about needing protection or you may have felt pushed, oppressed or violated in some way. This energy is dissipating now. If challenging energies or experiences arise for you (now or ever), […]

Wake Up! Full Moon in Scorpio – May 2015

We open this week approaching the Full Moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which is all about values and security (Taurus Sun) vs. other people’s values and resources/transformation/upheaval and death/rebirth (Scorpio Moon). Remember, as always, the emotional energy heightens as we approach the Full Moon and then disperses after the Moon is Full and the energy […]

New Moon in Aries – April 18, ’15

  Happy lucky Jupiter in Leo is squaring Mars (ruler of Aries) tonight, which can activate exuberant, “leap before you look” energy. Let those bright ideas come through and give yourself the space to review before you commit to anything definite. But do allow the energy to propel you forward — and enjoy it! It feels […]

Sun in Pisces/Finale Mercury Retrograde – Feb 21, ’14

The Sun is in soft, gentle Pisces conjunct Neptune (ruler of Pisces), making this an extremely right-brained, dreamy, sometimes foggy time of slowly moving through life, especially with Mercury Retrograde. Also, Mars (action) and Saturn (work/authority) are standing still, preparing to turn Retrograde next weekend, so that slows the action down even more. Beginning new […]

2nd Full Moon in Aquarius – August ’13

Today Venus (planet of love, $$, creativity, beauty) moves into it’s own sign of “other”-oriented, harmonious Libra, leaving the orderly sign of Virgo. Feel and appreciate the shift from ‘busy doing’ into ‘beauty and connection’ as a deep inner drive. Allow the grace of Venus in Libra to harmonize relationships. We have the 2nd (Blue) […]

Eclipse Afterglow – April 26, ’13

We are in the afterglow of yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, which kicked off the current Eclipse Period. Did you notice anything ending for you? It could be a belief, a behavior, a viewpoint, a relationship or a way of operating. Stay tuned, as we’re still in the energy. If you’re experiencing fear or other issues […]

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – ’13

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – April 25, ’13 12:57pm PDT ~ 3:57pm EDT   We have the first of three Eclipses on April 25th. Lunar Eclipses are about endings, so stay tuned to see what is ending in your life. • Lunar Eclipse on April 25th – 5º Scorpio • Solar Eclipse on May 10th – […]