New Moon in Scorpio / Neptune Direct – November 2017

This week I offer a check in: what’s driving your decisions – fear or love? Tomorrow’s New Moon in passionate Scorpio rules issues around power, control and transformation – what to release and what to keep in your life. Scorpio activates metamorphosis by deconstructing what’s no longer viable followed by a rebirth or “cosmic evolution.” The ultimate outcome […]

New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 11, ’15

You will be called to shift this week as Jupiter (expansion) is inconjunct Uranus (change/revolution) – and Chiron (the wound/Wounded Healer) opposes Jupiter. This can indicate that there’s an adjustment that needs to happen where you may have stretched and need a course correction in order to stabilize. If so, just do the next right thing to realign […]

New Moon Intentions

Creating New Moon Intentions New Moon Intentions are a concrete way of stating what you want in your life. Because Spirit is within you and flows through you, this is the place from which you create. Creativity is a “Divine download” and is your unique expression of channeling Spirit. You have the power to manifest […]