Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Nov 3, ’13

We are at a turning point, where a collection of deep, profound energetic alignments occur, affecting us all collectively and personally. It sometimes feels like being in a slow moving earthquake, where successive events continue to alter the landscape, literally and figuratively – and you must shift accordingly to maintain your balance. Where are you […]

Current Astro Events – Sept 6, ’13

We’re still in the energy of the New Moon in Virgo, the time for new beginnings. If there’s something you want to attract, create, or grow in your life, take an action to begin it now! We’re in a two-week period that can become a turning point in your life based on the seeds you plant at this time. Decisions you […]

New Moon in Taurus – May 2/3, ’11

Current Events – April 29th Although this week we enter the month of May and the New Moon in Taurus late Mon night, we still have a LOT of planets in Aries. This gives us an abundance of fiery, impulsive, red-hot energy flying around, ready to jump into action. At the same time, it’s opposed […]