Current Astro – Sept 30th, ’11

The Sun and three other planets – Mercury, Venus, and Saturn – are in Libra right now. This bundle of energy inspires a need for balance, peace, harmony, communication and commitment in relationships. How do you feel about commitment? Is it comforting, giving you a sense of security or do you feel trapped by it? […]

Current Astro – June 24, ’11

Pluto opposite Sun Pluto, planet of power, control and transformation opposes the Sun this week. This can manifest as power struggles or feeling like you’re being manipulated or pressured into doing something you really don’t want to do. You’ll know it if this comes up for you because it triggers issues around power and powerlessness. […]

Eclipse Effects – June 17, ’11

How are you feeling, post-Eclipse? The Moon rules your feelings and needs – and touches your most primal emotions. This is the menu for this week! The Lunar Eclipse was on the North Node of Destiny and the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, channeling major  energies to support your further awakening. Sagittarius rules beliefs. […]

Saturn Direct, Lunar Eclipse – June ’11

The Solar Eclipse of  Wed, June 1st is still reverberating as you have been rocketed into the wormhole of this Eclipse Period. Stay tuned to see where you will ultimately land next month… We also continue in the energy of Chiron (Wounded Healer/ Master Teacher), as it turns to go retrograde, providing you with the […]

New Moon in Taurus – May 2/3, ’11

Current Events – April 29th Although this week we enter the month of May and the New Moon in Taurus late Mon night, we still have a LOT of planets in Aries. This gives us an abundance of fiery, impulsive, red-hot energy flying around, ready to jump into action. At the same time, it’s opposed […]

Full Moon in Libra – April 17, ’11

  7:44 pm PDT ~ 10:44 pm EDT The Full Moon on Sunday, April 17th is called a SuperMoon – very close to the Earth, amplifying the Moon’s  emotional and psychological energy even more so than a regular Full Moon, so be sure to stay grounded, breathe, and move deliberately. This Full Moon in Libra […]

New Moon in Aries – April 3, ’11

7:32 am PDT ~ 10:32 am EDT This New Moon in strong-willed Aries on April 3rd will be combustible. Six planets in Aries wanting to take off and go, with Saturn in opposition and Pluto squaring the bunch. Authority and relationship issues feature prominently, as well as potential power struggles and control issues. Easy does […]

Full Moon in Virgo, Equninox, New Year

  Full Moon in Virgo – March 19, ’11 The Full Moon in Virgo is on Sat, March 19th at 2:10pm EDT and the emotional energy is already off the charts! Uranus (change) is conjunct the Sun, which creates edginess, as the Full Moon  squares the  North Node that is sitting on the Galactic Center. […]

New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 2, ’11

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde Here’s the current energetic picture: Your right foot (Jupiter) is on the gas pedal, ready to fly! Your left foot (Saturn) is on the brake pedal, slowingyou down cautiously so that you pay attention to the road. They are two distinctly different energies with opposing agendas – more and bigger […]

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