Full Moon in Libra ~ April 6, ’12

We have a Full Moon in Libra today and emotional reactivity is up, so stay awake (conscious), focus on the positive, and easy does it until the energy “pops” once the Moon is Full. A Full Moon is the culmination of things or when things come to light, so notice what comes to fruition now, […]

Sun/Uranus in Aries ~ March ’12

We are still in the New Moon energy in the fiery, assertive sign of Aries. If you haven’t done your New Moon Intentions, there’s still time to activate the New Moon energy if you do them now. In the coming week the energy is shifting again, and you may find yourself changing your mind or […]

Vernal Equinox ~ New Moon in Aries

Grand Earth Trine ~ Jupiter, Pluto & Mars We are closing out the astrological year with a continuing blessing. Although we’re in the midst of Retrograde Mars and Mercury, we still have the presence of Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto – harmoniously connected in Earth signs which supports manifesting abundance and empowerment in profound ways […]

Current Astro – Dec 16, ’11

We’ve just been through a Lunar Eclipse, with Uranus (the new/unexpected) and Mercury (info/communication) both going Direct. These are all huge energies and everyone I know has been feeling the undercurrents. You can expect new information to continue to filter in post-Mercury Retrograde that may change your view of the current landscape. Take all the […]

Current Astro Events – Dec 2, ’11

We’re in a Venus (love, desire)/Pluto (power, transformation) conjunction, which can mean a variety of things, but the lower expressions usually express as drama. You may find yourself in a triangular relationship (three people), whether it’s love, family or business – but there are huge issues around possessiveness and control in the mix. Here’s a […]

New Moon Intentions

Creating New Moon Intentions New Moon Intentions are a concrete way of stating what you want in your life. Because Spirit is within you and flows through you, this is the place from which you create. Creativity is a “Divine download” and is your unique expression of channeling Spirit. You have the power to manifest […]