Between Eclipses – Oct 10, ’14

We are in between two Eclipses and in Mercury Retrograde. What a recipe for endings, undoings, restructuring, reconfiguring, rebuilding, emerging and new beginnings! Think about how profound the cycles of life are – and how changes (often dramatic) redirect the course of your path and who you become. When you believe that the changes you experience […]

Full Moon in Capricorn – July ’14

We open this week on the eve of the Full Moon on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which indicates something coming to light over the next few days. It also heightens emotions (especially during sensitive Cancer), so as always leading up to a Full Moon, easy does it… The Capricorn Full Moon with the Sun in Cancer is […]

Mercury Retrograde Alert! – May 30, ’14

  Here’s the astrological status: We have a warm and fuzzy weekend with the Moon in Cancer and Taurus in Venus – both expressions of “mother” energy and very yin. It’s a gift to have this gentle interlude that feeds closeness, warmth and connection. Mars turned Direct after 2½ months Retrograde on May 20th, we […]

Current Astro Events – Jan 17, ’14

We begin the week with Neptune (compassion, dreams) in harmony with the North Node (destiny). This creates a soft, beautiful energy of Oneness where you can connect with high ideals and the Greater Good of All. Allow this energy to call you forward. At the same time Mercury sextiles Uranus, inspiring brilliance and innovative ideas […]

Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 17, ’13

The week begins with the Venus-Pluto conjunction that’s in effect over the weekend, bringing up hidden issues and desires, while activating obsessive drives and sensual, magnetic impulses. Sounds wild, huh? It can be, so think it through before you dive into anything :)) Venus speaks to relationships, $$, beauty, desire and Pluto rules everything hidden, […]

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Nov 3, ’13

We are at a turning point, where a collection of deep, profound energetic alignments occur, affecting us all collectively and personally. It sometimes feels like being in a slow moving earthquake, where successive events continue to alter the landscape, literally and figuratively – and you must shift accordingly to maintain your balance. Where are you […]

2nd Full Moon in Aquarius – August ’13

Today Venus (planet of love, $$, creativity, beauty) moves into it’s own sign of “other”-oriented, harmonious Libra, leaving the orderly sign of Virgo. Feel and appreciate the shift from ‘busy doing’ into ‘beauty and connection’ as a deep inner drive. Allow the grace of Venus in Libra to harmonize relationships. We have the 2nd (Blue) […]

New Moon in Gemini – June 8, ’13

  New Moon in Gemini – June 8, ’13 @ 8:56 am PDT ~ 11:56 am EDT We begin the week with Neptune (direct experience of Spirit, dreams) stationing to go Retrograde until mid-Nov ’13. This intensifies the energy of Neptune (currently in Pisces), asking you to align with your Higher Self and release that which […]