The New Wave in Aquarius – Jan 20, 2017

Here we are in the independent, progressive energy of Aquarius, ready to shake up the status quo with the inauguration today of newly elected President Donald Trump. The time has come to blaze a new trail with innovative approaches to life, personally and collectively. Are you open to this? Resistance creates pain. Trying to deny […]

Heart on Fire – Full Moon in Aries – Oct ’16

  The energy is building as we approach the dynamic Full Moon in fiery Aries late Sat night, early Sun morning here in the U.S.  Full Moons always heighten emotions but this one includes Uranus (the rebel, revolution) and asteroid Eris (disruption) sitting on the Moon, which increases the emotional barometer exponentially! This can activate dramatic events, […]

The Retrogrades – April 29, ’16

It’s Retrograde time, with five planets traveling back over previously covered areas in your experience. Mercury (communication/info) and Mars (action) are the two personal planets whose Retrograde motion will most dramatically affect your daily life re: your thinking and your energy. Delays, schedule changes and detours are the effects at hand, so be mindful to […]

Final Mercury Pluto – Jan 29, ’16

The Mercury-Pluto conjunction that you experienced all week may have revealed buried thoughts, insights, ideas, conflicts, suppressed anger or negative patterns of thinking/behavior for you to notice and work with, IF you are ready to transcend old limitations. To be truly empowered, take the “story” (drama) out of any challenges you experienced and “be Spock.” […]

New Moon in Capricorn – Jan 8, ’16

Mercury Retrograde is active now, inviting you to slow down and review where you are, what’s working and what is calling for revision. At the same time, Jupiter (Higher Truth and wisdom) is Retrograde as well, inviting you to reassess your beliefs, truth, and alignment with your Higher Self in terms of who you are and […]

Current Astro Events – Aug 21, ’15

You may find yourself in the aftermath of last Wed’s Venus-Uranus aspect, especially if anything unexpected came up for you. Or you may have made a move that was out of character with your usual identity. Did you experience anything different regarding choices, actions or interactions? This energy has the potential to broaden your horizons […]

Mercury Retrograde – Jan 23, 2015

Sometimes life feels like, “What the what???!” But there’s always a way through, when you have a clear intention and act deliberately. Operating this way, with flexibility, will serve you well. We enter the week with a lingering Uranus-South Node aspect, which can create impulsive, rebellious or unexpected actions and reactions (from you or others) […]

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Oct ’14

We are still between two Eclipses and in Mercury Retrograde. I can’t emphasize enough how these energies are creating a dynamic container that allows you to restructure your life! Time and space are elastic and things can happen extra quickly or feel very expanded. Stay out of your head (analysis paralysis) and just flow with […]

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