Happy Halloween/Full Moon in Taurus – Nov ’14

  The energy has shifted in a big way and things are opening up, post-Eclipse/Mercury Direct. Can you feel it? Things are happening very quickly, which can feel exciting or overwhelming, depending on how you internalize your particular experiences. My guidance is to stay positive and keep your focus on your desired outcome, whether it’s […]

Post-Eclipse/Mercury Direct – Oct 25, ’14

We are facing multiple energies this week that call for an intentional, fluid approach to peaceful and purposeful living.  We are still in the powerful wake of yesterday’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, which is a profound new beginning and expression of something that is, or will be, deeply meaningful in your life. The Scorpio Solar […]

Current Astro Events – July 4, ’14

  This week we are readjusting as we begin to inch forward, which is a welcomed shift after a year of successive Retrograde planets that has impacted our ability to move freely. The tide is turning now. Pay attention to messages that come into your orbit – they are not random. Use them for your Highest […]

Mercury Direct / New Moon in Pisces and more…

  Mercury Direct – Feb 28, ’14  There are so many astrological changes and energetic shifts this week, I’ll break them down one by one… First, after three long weeks Mercury is Direct, bringing new information, clarity, solutions and connections that weren’t evident or available before. Hallelujah! Know that it will take about a week for […]

Mercury Direct – April ’11

Mercury Direct – April 23, ’11 Mercury finally goes Direct on April 23rd, but it opposes Saturn (the Great Teacher) until April 28th. This means that it may not really feel like Mercury is moving forward and it may seem like Mercury Retrograde “Extended” until mid-week. Just so you know, wishy-washy won’t work! This energy […]