The Retrogrades – April 29, ’16

It’s Retrograde time, with five planets traveling back over previously covered areas in your experience. Mercury (communication/info) and Mars (action) are the two personal planets whose Retrograde motion will most dramatically affect your daily life re: your thinking and your energy. Delays, schedule changes and detours are the effects at hand, so be mindful to […]

Mercury Retrograde Alert – April 22, ’16

I posted the image above in tribute to the passing of Prince, the brilliant musician, singer, dancer, producer, entertainer and trend-setter who transitioned yesterday. He passed on the Full Moon in Scorpio (sign of the mysteries of life and death). How apropos and impactful. A huge loss, but then again, we’re getting major lessons about endings […]

Mercury Retrograde Alert! – May 30, ’14

  Here’s the astrological status: We have a warm and fuzzy weekend with the Moon in Cancer and Taurus in Venus – both expressions of “mother” energy and very yin. It’s a gift to have this gentle interlude that feeds closeness, warmth and connection. Mars turned Direct after 2½ months Retrograde on May 20th, we […]

Full Moon in Scorpio – May ’14

Technically, this will be our last full week of Mars Retrograde. Mars (action/will) is barely moving for the rest of May, even though it turns Direct on May 20th. It’s slowing down now to turn around and then will inch forward. The action will pick up in June – and I know lots of you are […]

Full Moon in Virgo – Feb 16, ’14

  We continue with expansive Jupiter in Direct motion and Mars still in Retrograde, going back over old territory this week. Course corrections and reorganizations are in alignment with Mars Retrograde, so continue working on projects already begun and other works in progress, guided by your Higher Self/inner wisdom, while accessing your inner genius (yes, you […]

Current Astro Events – March 7, ’14

Decisions, decisions… you may feel like you have many to make today – and you may be lacking the clarity you need in order to feel comfortable making them.  If so, get out of your head and drop into your heart. Feel where you’re meant to be and consider the big picture. Reach out and […]

Mercury Direct / New Moon in Pisces and more…

  Mercury Direct – Feb 28, ’14  There are so many astrological changes and energetic shifts this week, I’ll break them down one by one… First, after three long weeks Mercury is Direct, bringing new information, clarity, solutions and connections that weren’t evident or available before. Hallelujah! Know that it will take about a week for […]