Current Astro Events – Oct 16, ’15

We begin our final week in harmonious Libra. Now we are finally moving along, as Mercury is flowing – and it is prime time for action! Mars (action/will) is with Jupiter (expansion/abundance) and they’re both in harmony with Pluto (power/transformation). What a super-powered, enthusiastic, “can-do” energy this is! If there’s something you want to create […]

Current Astro – Sept 30th, ’11

The Sun and three other planets – Mercury, Venus, and Saturn – are in Libra right now. This bundle of energy inspires a need for balance, peace, harmony, communication and commitment in relationships. How do you feel about commitment? Is it comforting, giving you a sense of security or do you feel trapped by it? […]

New Moon in Libra – Sept 27, ’11

4:09 am PDT ~ 7:09 am EDT     This New Moon is in the “other”-oriented sign of Libra. The New Moon is about new beginnings – time to take actions toward what you want to create in your life. Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, and harmony, and the focus is on […]