Current Astro Events – Aug 7, ’15

We begin the week¬†with the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury all in the fiery, proud sign of Leo. That a lot of sunny energy! Jupiter (expansion) and Mercury (communication) are traveling together, creating a level of optimism and enthusiasm that is hard to resist. Take actions to make use of the bright ideas you have […]

Current Astro Events – Aug 1, ’14

  Happy August!¬†This week we have 3 planets in Leo (the leader) – the Sun, Jupiter (expansion/beliefs), and Mercury (communication). We also have Mars (action/will) in Scorpio (power/transformation) squaring the Leo planets. This can create angry thoughts/words, fighting, self-righteous and other puffed up, “I’m right and you’re wrong” energies being flung about. There’s a lot […]