Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug ’14

We have a harmonious trine today from the Sun & Mercury (essence & communication) to Uranus, planet of genius, independence and change. This creates unlimited possibilities for downloads of brilliance, new insights, innovative solutions and liberation. Wherever you’ve felt limitations, you may create a solution or decide, “No more!” Use this lively energy to transcend old […]

Current Astro Events – Aug 1, ’14

  Happy August! This week we have 3 planets in Leo (the leader) – the Sun, Jupiter (expansion/beliefs), and Mercury (communication). We also have Mars (action/will) in Scorpio (power/transformation) squaring the Leo planets. This can create angry thoughts/words, fighting, self-righteous and other puffed up, “I’m right and you’re wrong” energies being flung about. There’s a lot […]

New Moon in Leo – July 26, ’14

     We have a Sun-Jupiter combo to start the week off that either creates a burst of enthusiasm and “can do” spirit or over-doing it. It is buoyant energy for sure – you just have to be mindful that you don’t go overboard – i.e., more is better :)) Tonight Mars (action/will) moves out […]

2nd Full Moon in Aquarius – August ’13

Today Venus (planet of love, $$, creativity, beauty) moves into it’s own sign of “other”-oriented, harmonious Libra, leaving the orderly sign of Virgo. Feel and appreciate the shift from ‘busy doing’ into ‘beauty and connection’ as a deep inner drive. Allow the grace of Venus in Libra to harmonize relationships. We have the 2nd (Blue) […]