Post-Eclipse/Mercury Direct – Oct 25, ’14

We are facing multiple energies this week that call for an intentional, fluid approach to peaceful and purposeful living.  We are still in the powerful wake of yesterday’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, which is a profound new beginning and expression of something that is, or will be, deeply meaningful in your life. The Scorpio Solar […]

Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 13, ’14

There are a few distinctly different energies occurring this weekend that may have you feeling a little ADD-ish. We are still in the Full Moon in Sagittarius energy from last night, calling you to expand your horizons and align your life with your Higher Self in a more meaningful way. This is an optimistic, idealistic […]

Mercury Retrograde Alert! – May 30, ’14

  Here’s the astrological status: We have a warm and fuzzy weekend with the Moon in Cancer and Taurus in Venus – both expressions of “mother” energy and very yin. It’s a gift to have this gentle interlude that feeds closeness, warmth and connection. Mars turned Direct after 2½ months Retrograde on May 20th, we […]

Eclipse Afterglow – April 26, ’13

We are in the afterglow of yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, which kicked off the current Eclipse Period. Did you notice anything ending for you? It could be a belief, a behavior, a viewpoint, a relationship or a way of operating. Stay tuned, as we’re still in the energy. If you’re experiencing fear or other issues […]