Higher Self vs.The Mind

12 years ago

  I’m at home sweet home in NYC, integrating my recent experiences on the road. As I reflect on all that’s happened to/for me recently, I am in awe of the process of evolution. I have reached a new level of awakening and Light – and of course, I’m thinking about how I can share […]

Steve Jobs and letting go…

12 years ago

I’m off to Asheville, NC, to my Platinum Mastermind group with my sisters (affectionately named “The Glitter Girls” by our own Dr. Starla Fitch). This will be our last time together as this group and because we’re so bonded, the meeting is bittersweet for me. I always feel endings – and I allow myself to […]

Valentine’s Day Guidance

As we approach Valentine’s Day,  it’s a fabulous opportunity to focus on love – not just romantic love, but all matters of the heart. I don’t know how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I have an idea. Before you shower your love on others, be your own Valentine! What does this mean? Focus […]

Full Moon in Pisces – Aug 24, ’10

We have plenty of cosmic activity as we approach the Full Moon in dreamy, compassionate Pisces on Aug 24th at 1:05pm EDT. The Full Moon is the culmination of things – when hidden things come to light. In Pisces, it’s the ideal time to meditate, be in nature, listen to beautiful music, be creative or […]

Spring Equinox – March 20, ’10

Happy Astrological New Year!  The  Spring  Equinox occurs as the  Sun enters   Aries on Sat, March 20th at 1:32 pm ET. This is the ultimate new beginning – a time of rebirth when the energies of the Universe support creation and action. The New Moon in Pisces last week was the final New Moon of […]

Current Astro Events – March 15, ’10

On March 15th we have the last New Moon of the astrological year in mystical, intuitive Pisces. On this New Moon, five out of ten planets are in sensitive Pisces, which highlights dreams, Divine Love, and the knowledge that we all are One.   The New Moon is stimulated by Uranus (innovation and change) and Mercury (communication and info), together in […]

Full Moon in Leo – Jan 29/30

The pressure is building! The 48-72 hours preceeding a Full Moon is when emotional energy heightens and people can become highly reactive. Think of blowing up a balloon – as the Moon waxes, the balloon gets filled with more and more air. When the Full Moon occurs, the balloon “pops” and the energy is released. […]

Uranus Direct – Dec 1, ’09

Uranus, planet of sudden change, rebellion and your authentic self stations Direct on Tues, Dec 1st after being retrograde since July 1st, ’09. With this energy, you can expect the unexpected – period! It’s not about good or bad, it’s about change and being flexible – the willingness to consider unexpected opportunities or to accept radical changes and […]