Saturn Direct in Libra – June 25th

Saturn turns to go Direct on Monday, allowing projects that have been stalled or revised to move forward with new, upgraded structures once the ball gets rolling (give it a few weeks). Libra rules relationships (the mirror) and calls for greater understanding in order to create balance, connection and harmony. Know that you magnetize your […]

New Moon in Pisces – Feb 21, ’12

New Moon in Pisces on Tues, Feb 21st at 5:35pm EST. This week is all about Pisces, sign of Oneness and the direct experience of Spirit – no boundaries, intuition, compassion and empathy. Tap into the energy of your Higher Self, the part of you that knows what’s right, in every moment, for your Soul’s […]

Whitney Houston’s Passing and Your Life

12 years ago

Last Sat we experienced the death of Whitney Houston, which brought up lots of grief for me, even though I’ve been clean and sober for 20 years. Looking at young Whitney, so fresh with such a gift – and to see how she threw herself away brought back memories of the damage I did to […]