Wake Up! Full Moon in Scorpio – May 2015

We open this week approaching the Full Moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which is all about values and security (Taurus Sun) vs. other people’s values and resources/transformation/upheaval and death/rebirth (Scorpio Moon). Remember, as always, the emotional energy heightens as we approach the Full Moon and then disperses after the Moon is Full and the energy […]

Current Astro Events – Nov 7, ’14

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Taurus highlighted decisions we must make (or have already made) this month about what to keep and what to let go of. Clarity around what you value and how you want live will guide the choices you make and direction you take. What really matters – and is your current life […]

Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 8, ’14

  Venus leaves dramatic Leo on Sept 5 and shifts into orderly Virgo for the rest of the month. Rather than grand gestures of romance (Leo), Virgo expresses love by caring for others in practical ways and by being of service. If you want to align with this energy, show your love by lending someone a […]

Current Astro Events – Aug 29, ’14

  We begin the week with a Sun-Neptune opposition today, highlighting the soft dreamy energy of imagination, compassion, solitude and Divine Love – or confusion, sacrifice and deception.  This can be a planetary big picture energy – how you imagine the world can be and your part in it. I suggest that you choose the […]

Full Moon in Aquarius – Aug ’14

We have a harmonious trine today from the Sun & Mercury (essence & communication) to Uranus, planet of genius, independence and change. This creates unlimited possibilities for downloads of brilliance, new insights, innovative solutions and liberation. Wherever you’ve felt limitations, you may create a solution or decide, “No more!” Use this lively energy to transcend old […]

Mercury Retrograde Alert! – May 30, ’14

  Here’s the astrological status: We have a warm and fuzzy weekend with the Moon in Cancer and Taurus in Venus – both expressions of “mother” energy and very yin. It’s a gift to have this gentle interlude that feeds closeness, warmth and connection. Mars turned Direct after 2½ months Retrograde on May 20th, we […]

Sun in Virgo – Aug ’13

The Sun is in Virgo, practical sign of health, wellness and service – and Mercury joins the Sun in Virgo from now until Sept 9th. Boy is this good energy for organizing, analyzing situations/projects and getting things done! Use it well :)) And you know, Virgo likes to do things the “right” way – in […]

2nd Full Moon in Aquarius – August ’13

Today Venus (planet of love, $$, creativity, beauty) moves into it’s own sign of “other”-oriented, harmonious Libra, leaving the orderly sign of Virgo. Feel and appreciate the shift from ‘busy doing’ into ‘beauty and connection’ as a deep inner drive. Allow the grace of Venus in Libra to harmonize relationships. We have the 2nd (Blue) […]