Full Moon in Virgo – March ’17

Now that Mars (action) has shifted from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus, the pace will slow down so you can ground and center more easily, which is a blessing. Take a breath… On Sunday morning we have a  Full Moon in Virgo, with Chiron (the wound/wounded healer) on the Sun in dreamy Pisces. There’s an […]

Sun in Pisces / Full Moon in Virgo – Feb ’16

We awaken today with the Sun in soft, sensitive Pisces, ruler of dreams, compassion, Oneness, and imagination – and it’s sitting beside its Ruler, Neptune, all week which only enhances this energy of Being, rather than doing. One of the great functions of Pisces/Neptune energy is that it dissolves the ego – the attachment to […]

Full Moon in Virgo – Feb 16, ’14

  We continue with expansive Jupiter in Direct motion and Mars still in Retrograde, going back over old territory this week. Course corrections and reorganizations are in alignment with Mars Retrograde, so continue working on projects already begun and other works in progress, guided by your Higher Self/inner wisdom, while accessing your inner genius (yes, you […]

Shifting Energies – March 3, ’12

We begin March with shifting energies. First, Mercury (communication) moves from sensitive Pisces into “my way” Aries, so watch your conversations and remember that others have their own point of view that may be different from yours. Compassion, openness and skillful listening will help to create a strong connection without conflict in conversations. Venus moves […]

Full Moon in Virgo, Equninox, New Year

  Full Moon in Virgo – March 19, ’11 The Full Moon in Virgo is on Sat, March 19th at 2:10pm EDT and the emotional energy is already off the charts! Uranus (change) is conjunct the Sun, which creates edginess, as the Full Moon  squares the  North Node that is sitting on the Galactic Center. […]