Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 2017

We have a Full Moon tonight in grounded Taurus – sign of values, the earth, self-esteem, security and what’s familiar. Taurus loves comfort and sensual desires; it’s easygoing, enjoys pleasure, resists drama and change. However, the Taurus Moon is opposed by the deep, passionate Sun in Scorpio, that digs up buried info, feelings and experiences […]

Happy Halloween/Full Moon in Taurus – Nov ’14

  The energy has shifted in a big way and things are opening up, post-Eclipse/Mercury Direct. Can you feel it? Things are happening very quickly, which can feel exciting or overwhelming, depending on how you internalize your particular experiences. My guidance is to stay positive and keep your focus on your desired outcome, whether it’s […]

Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 17, ’13

The week begins with the Venus-Pluto conjunction that’s in effect over the weekend, bringing up hidden issues and desires, while activating obsessive drives and sensual, magnetic impulses. Sounds wild, huh? It can be, so think it through before you dive into anything :)) Venus speaks to relationships, $$, beauty, desire and Pluto rules everything hidden, […]