Wake Up! Full Moon in Scorpio – May 2015

We open this week approaching the Full Moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which is all about values and security (Taurus Sun) vs. other people’s values and resources/transformation/upheaval and death/rebirth (Scorpio Moon). Remember, as always, the emotional energy heightens as we approach the Full Moon and then disperses after the Moon is Full and the energy […]

Full Moon in Scorpio – May ’14

Technically, this will be our last full week of Mars Retrograde. Mars (action/will) is barely moving for the rest of May, even though it turns Direct on May 20th. It’s slowing down now to turn around and then will inch forward.┬áThe action will pick up in June – and I know lots of you are […]

Current Astro Events – April 27, ’12

As Mars (planet of action) moves forward, we have a harmonious Grand Trine in Earth signs, which is very positive and powerful for creating and manifesting. This, as the Sun moves through the most earthy, fertile sign of all, Taurus! If you take practical, deliberate actions during this time they will serve you well. Earth […]