Full Moon in Pisces – Aug 29, ’15

We have plenty of cosmic activity as we approach the Full Moon in dreamy, compassionate Pisces on Sat, Aug 29th at 2:35pm EDT. The Full Moon is the culmination of things and when hidden issues/items come to light. With a Pisces Moon, this is an ideal time to meditate, be in nature, listen to beautiful music, […]

Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 8, ’14

  Venus leaves dramatic Leo on Sept 5 and shifts into orderly Virgo for the rest of the month. Rather than grand gestures of romance (Leo), Virgo expresses love by caring for others in practical ways and by being of service. If you want to align with this energy, show your love by lending someone a […]

Full Moon in Pisces – Sept 19, ’13

Mars squared Saturn this week and you may have experienced some kind of challenge. If so, how you handed it may be a barometer of where you are in consciousness these days. If you were faced with an obstacle/challenge, did you go into reaction or did you take deliberate actions in response to it? It’s […]