Pluto Retrograde – April 6, ’10

We are in the midst of intense energetic shifts in the weeks ahead and it’s important to understand what’s being asked of you for your continuing evolution in order to move forward in constructive ways. With key planets Retrograde, you’ll be going back over old territory to undo/redo, make adjustments and finalize completions that need to happen. […]

Mercury Retrograde – Sept 6/7 2009

Sept 6th @ 9:45 pm PDT/Sept 7th @ 12:45 am EDT until Sept 29th, ’09 Mercury, planet of communication, information and education is about to go retrograde from late Sun, Sept 6th PDT and early Mon Sept 7th EDT until Sept 29, 2009, going back over the events or the story that began around Aug […]

Pluto in Capricorn – Nov 26, 2008 ~ 2024

Pluto, planet of transformation, death, rebirth, and upheaval moves into Capricorn, sign of hard work and success, for good on Wed, Nov 26, 2008 where it will reside until 2024. We had our first go-round with Pluto in Capricorn from February until mid-June so think back – what was happening in your life during those months? That was a preview of what’s to come now.