Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – Oct ’14

We are still between two Eclipses and in Mercury Retrograde. I can’t emphasize enough how these energies are creating a dynamic container that allows you to restructure your life! Time and space are elastic and things can happen extra quickly or feel very expanded. Stay out of your head (analysis paralysis) and just flow with […]

Eclipse Afterglow – April 26, ’13

We are in the afterglow of yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, which kicked off the current Eclipse Period. Did you notice anything ending for you? It could be a belief, a behavior, a viewpoint, a relationship or a way of operating. Stay tuned, as we’re still in the energy. If you’re experiencing fear or other issues […]

Current Astro – June 24, ’11

Pluto opposite Sun Pluto, planet of power, control and transformation opposes the Sun this week. This can manifest as power struggles or feeling like you’re being manipulated or pressured into doing something you really don’t want to do. You’ll know it if this comes up for you because it triggers issues around power and powerlessness. […]

Full Moon in Scorpio – May ’11

During the week of May 13th we shift from the  dominance of impulsive Aries into  to a more practical, earthy feeling in the coming week. The Sun in Taurus is joined by Mars, providing stamina to work more diligently. It will be joined by Venus and Mercury in Taurus next week, creating even greater stability […]