Full Moon in Taurus – Nov 17, ’13

The week begins with the Venus-Pluto conjunction that’s in effect over the weekend, bringing up hidden issues and desires, while activating obsessive drives and sensual, magnetic impulses. Sounds wild, huh? It can be, so think it through before you dive into anything :)) Venus speaks to relationships, $$, beauty, desire and Pluto rules everything hidden, […]

Current Astro – Sept 30th, ’11

The Sun and three other planets – Mercury, Venus, and Saturn – are in Libra right now. This bundle of energy inspires a need for balance, peace, harmony, communication and commitment in relationships. How do you feel about commitment? Is it comforting, giving you a sense of security or do you feel trapped by it? […]

Current Astro – Feb 11, ’11

Sun, Mars, Mercury in Aquarius The cluster of Aquarian energy, as the Sun, Mars, and Mercury continue their travel together, has the potential to express as rebellion, restlessness and/or a radical break from the usual. The unrest in Egypt is an illustration of this, but what about your life? Are you feeling the need to […]

Valentine’s Day Guidance

As we approach Valentine’s Day,  it’s a fabulous opportunity to focus on love – not just romantic love, but all matters of the heart. I don’t know how you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I have an idea. Before you shower your love on others, be your own Valentine! What does this mean? Focus […]