Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – ’13

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – April 25, ’13 12:57pm PDT ~ 3:57pm EDT   We have the first of three Eclipses on April 25th. Lunar Eclipses are about endings, so stay tuned to see what is ending in your life. • Lunar Eclipse on April 25th – 5º Scorpio • Solar Eclipse on May 10th – […]

12-12-12: The Miracle of Transformation

The huge energetic shifts we’ve experienced all year (and over the last few years) have led us to this moment, all in preparation for 2013. We are completing a major cycle of development and initiating The New Earth paradigm where love, compassion and Oneness rule – and you need to be at your best in […]

Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Aug 1, ’12

8:27 pm PDT ~ 11:27pm EDT The Sun connects with Mercury on Sat, July 28th, which usually indicates bright ideas, clear insights and communications, but because Mercury is Retrograde, the info may not be fully accurate or complete. As always, please use caution when proceeding with info gained during Mercury Retrograde, as new info may […]

Full Moon in Libra ~ April 6, ’12

We have a Full Moon in Libra today and emotional reactivity is up, so stay awake (conscious), focus on the positive, and easy does it until the energy “pops” once the Moon is Full. A Full Moon is the culmination of things or when things come to light, so notice what comes to fruition now, […]

Saturn Retrograde – Feb 7 – June 25, ’12

Saturn, planet of reality, structure, and manifesting, is about to go retrograde for four months. This happens at the same time that Mars, another work planet, is Retrograde. If you have anything new in the works and you’re waiting for results, action, or an opportunity to make a move, going forward may be slower than […]

Neptune in Pisces – Feb 3, ’12

Neptune enters its own sign of Pisces for the next 14 years. This brings in a decidedly new energy and feeling of Divine Love, compassion, imagination and Oneness on the higher side – and confusion, blurry boundaries, delusion, escapism and idealization on the lower side. All are possible – and you will have the opportunity […]

Go Where It’s Warm…

Welcome to the energy of Scorpio, ruler of issues that involve upheaval, power, transformation, and all things hidden – which can be unsettling, as you feel out of control when it’s happening to you. If you are having an uncomfortable experience, I suggest that you give yourself as much space as possible for self-care. What […]

New Moon in Pisces – March 4th

12:46pm PT ~ 3:46pm ET We have the last New Moon of the astrological year in mystical, intuitive Pisces. I call this “Orchid” energy – very delicate and beautiful, requiring extra special care. The New Moon is   an opportunity to begin again, so in Pisces, tap into the Oneness of All That Is and envision […]

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde

Sun in Aquarius ~ Jan 20, ’11 The Sun is in the independent, innovative sign of Aquarius, where the call is to live from your Authentic Self, tap into your brilliance, and dare to do things in your own unique way.  This is not the time to be conservative or shy about being yourself! Mars […]

The Eclipse Period

December 21st, 2010 and January 4, 2011 Lunar Eclipse on Tues, Dec 21 ’10 @ 29 Gemini Solar Eclipse on Tues, Jan 4, ’11 @ 13 Capricorn We enter into a wormhole as we approach the first eclipse until after the completion of the final eclipse. Think of being transported into another reality, during which […]