Post-Eclipse Astro Events – May 2, ’14

We’re now in the post-Eclipse course correction. Aspects of life and/or consciousness that were affected during the Grand Cardinal Cross and the Eclipses are now being reconfigured, like a snow globe resettling after being vigorously shaken. Any unwanted reality that became obvious during April is what you’re meant to be handling now.¬†Any pain you feel […]

Go Where It’s Warm…

Welcome to the energy of Scorpio, ruler of issues that involve upheaval, power, transformation, and all things hidden – which can be unsettling, as you feel out of control when it’s happening to you. If you are having an uncomfortable experience, I suggest that you give yourself as much space as possible for self-care. What […]

Full Moon in Cancer ~ Wed, Jan 19th ’11

All planets are currently in Direct motion so we’re moving forward – however, you may not know exactly where you’re going or where you are yet. That’s okay… We’re moving into new territory and it’s important that you operate based on what FEELS right for you – not by trying to figure things out in […]