Mars Retrograde in Scorpio – May 27, ’16

You can definitely feel Mercury’s Direct motion during the past week, as information and activity has begun to flow in, more quickly than I expected. What a relief! The experience of Mercury AND Mars Retrograde for late April and most of May was quite a test of faith, inviting soul searching to review where you […]

Current Astro Events – Jan 15, ’16

Mercury Retrograde is mid-cycle now with another 10 days to retrace and revise old territory. There are various energies running simultaneously that are affecting you (consciously and unconsciously), and it’s hard to know exactly what’s creating the effect(s) you feel on a daily basis. We are in a profound time of change and as old structures dissolve, […]

Current Astro Events – Oct 30, 2015

This week is smoother than we’ve been used to lately, having experienced one astrological “thing” after the next for a good long while. As the skies are relatively clear, it’s an optimal time to put attention on expanding into the new Self that you are birthing :)) The astrological backdrop this month has Saturn (reality, […]