Blurred lines…

10 years ago

We’re in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, which can blur lines, creating confusion and misinformation, miscommunications, and misunderstandings (not to mention equipment breakdowns, travel issues, etc). And there’s another major Retrograde right after this one that will affect how you do everything. The energies of the Universe are definitely redirecting us… But it doesn’t have to be a problem — you can learn […]

Pluto Stations Retrograde – April 12, ’13

Pluto (power, control and transformation) stands still today to change direction and go Retrograde until mid-September ’13. Are you feeling it? It’s an interesting time, a feeling of “Let’s go!” with all the Aries planets, combined with an undertow pulling you out, of anything that’s not aligned with your intention. That would be Saturn in Scorpio, bringing […]