Who’s deciding?

♥ Decisions, decisions… Creating your life (personally and professionally) involves making a lot of decisions. Every time you grow and evolve, you become a new version of You. However, your mind and unconscious may not have gotten the memo that You are the New You :) They may be operating as the Old You or a Former Version of […]

Current Astro Events – March ‘1, ’13

Neptune conjuncts Venus now, bringing the energy of Divine Love and Oneness all weekend. But it’s not only love and Light – no, we’re also going deep with a Scorpio Moon that rules everything hidden too, so you may be faced with shadowy energies in or around you. Easy does it and remember to stay in […]

Full Moon in Virgo, Equninox, New Year

  Full Moon in Virgo – March 19, ’11 The Full Moon in Virgo is on Sat, March 19th at 2:10pm EDT and the emotional energy is already off the charts! Uranus (change) is conjunct the Sun, which creates edginess, as the Full Moon  squares the  North Node that is sitting on the Galactic Center. […]

Mercury Rx Approaching / Money Miracles

Although Mercury officially goes Retrograde on Friday, Aug 20th, know that it has already slowed way down and will hover around the same degree for about a week. Take action TODAY to begin anything new that you want to initiate during the next month because once Mercury is Rx, you do not want to launch […]