This feels like a time of grace, especially in the first half of the week, when there are flowing energies that allow for peace, harmony and opportunities for forward movement. Neptune, planet of Divine Love, alternate realities (higher and lower), dreams, and all things mystical, is Stationing to turn Direct on Wed, Nov 18th. This […]

Current Astro Events – Oct 30, 2015

This week is smoother than we’ve been used to lately, having experienced one astrological “thing” after the next for a good long while. As the skies are relatively clear, it’s an optimal time to put attention on expanding into the new Self that you are birthing :)) The astrological backdrop this month has Saturn (reality, […]

Things Come To Light! Full Moon in Leo – Feb 3, 2015

And the slo-mo beat goes on in Mercury Retrograde through Feb 11th, inviting you to review, reframe and revise anything that’s calling for a course correction or clearing.  Simultaneously, tech issues and communications can be tedious or fraught with challenges. This is a good time to practice patience and give yourself lots of space, whatever is happening. […]

Happy Halloween/Full Moon in Taurus – Nov ’14

  The energy has shifted in a big way and things are opening up, post-Eclipse/Mercury Direct. Can you feel it? Things are happening very quickly, which can feel exciting or overwhelming, depending on how you internalize your particular experiences. My guidance is to stay positive and keep your focus on your desired outcome, whether it’s […]

New Moon in Aries – March ’14

Yes, it’s the Astrological New Year on the New Moon in Aries – Sunday, March 30th at 2:45pm EDT.  This is a significant new beginning and I urge you to use these next few days to get clear about what you want to create or experience for the next 12 month cycle. Or at the […]

Pluto Stations Retrograde – April 12, ’13

Pluto (power, control and transformation) stands still today to change direction and go Retrograde until mid-September ’13. Are you feeling it? It’s an interesting time, a feeling of “Let’s go!” with all the Aries planets, combined with an undertow pulling you out, of anything that’s not aligned with your intention. That would be Saturn in Scorpio, bringing […]

Who’s deciding?

♥ Decisions, decisions… Creating your life (personally and professionally) involves making a lot of decisions. Every time you grow and evolve, you become a new version of You. However, your mind and unconscious may not have gotten the memo that You are the New You :) They may be operating as the Old You or a Former Version of […]