Current Astro Events – March 22, ’13

                  We are beginning a high-octane week of potential drama and intensity, with 4 planets in fiery Aries, and a Mars (warrior) – Pluto (power) square that will participate in the Full Moon on Wednesday. This energy can initiate ambition and action, and the lower vibration can […]

Happy Spring Equinox!

We begin the astrological new year on the Spring Equinox at 7:02am ET today when the Sun enters Aries, the first sign in the zodiac – all about new beginnings and initiating action. Are you ready to go – or do you feel a little lost, confused or stuck? Are you even clear about who […]

New Moon in Taurus – May 2/3, ’11

Current Events – April 29th Although this week we enter the month of May and the New Moon in Taurus late Mon night, we still have a LOT of planets in Aries. This gives us an abundance of fiery, impulsive, red-hot energy flying around, ready to jump into action. At the same time, it’s opposed […]

Mercury Direct – April ’11

Mercury Direct – April 23, ’11 Mercury finally goes Direct on April 23rd, but it opposes Saturn (the Great Teacher) until April 28th. This means that it may not really feel like Mercury is moving forward and it may seem like Mercury Retrograde “Extended” until mid-week. Just so you know, wishy-washy won’t work! This energy […]

Mercury Retrograde Alert – March 25, ’11

We have four planets in Aries (with three more on the way in April),  keeping the pace active and sometimes combustible, as Aries is tremendously willful. The higher expression of Aries is courageous leadership and the lower expression is a selfish, narcissistic “My way or the highway!” attitude. You always choose how you experience life […]

Uranus in Aries – March 11, ’11

Uranus arrived in fiery Aries today, in conjunction with the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  What an entrance! This energy of change, innovation and the unexpected is sure to make a splash in all of our lives one way or another. As Uraunus leaves Pisces, it can bring up old emotional patterns that you were sure you’d […]