Swimming in Neptunian Waters ~ March 11, 2022

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There are hardly any aspects this week, as the Sun in Pisces is swimming along in Neptunian waters. The Sun was conjunct expansive Jupiter last week and now it’s approaching a conjunction with Neptune in mystical Pisces on March 13. We are immersed in the flowy, diffuse energy of Pisces, enhanced by Mercury (the mind) in Pisces, which further dilutes mental boundaries, as well. What’s the point? We are All One, interconnected, as we watch the world drama play out and everything affects us All. 

Pisces and Neptune rule the collective consciousness, the spiritual domain that is experiential and is otherworldly. It’s a space of infinite possibilities and intuitive connections to All That Is. You can focus on dreams, imagination and creative endeavors, connection to your Higher Self, spiritual practices, prayer or selfless service, but it’s a sacred space that can be accessed when you surrender your ego mind and open to subtle energies that inform you on a higher level.

Lower expressions of Pisces and Neptune are worry, fears, no boundaries, anxiety, depression, despair, addiction, delusions, victimhood, suffering (and staying there). But from these lower forms, you can rise up and embody a higher expression of energy by embracing spiritual practices, empathy, compassion, imagination, creativity, dreams, being of service, dancing or some other positive form of this mystical space to transcend heavy 3D reality. 

If you are experiencing a Neptune transit (Neptune connecting with a planet in your birth chart), it dissolves old structures that no longer serve you, which can leave you feeling temporarily confused, disoriented, lethargic or disillusioned, with memory issues (fun). Your energy is being called within, so your mind isn’t as sharp and focused as usual, and your ego may freak out wondering, “what is happening to me?!” All is well, you’re just being slowed down, redirected, and unwound internally. The effect is that you are being softened and opened. Resistance will cause you pain, so try to go with the flow of this experience for real Self-awareness and a new adventure. 

In the world, we are being flooded (literally in Australia) with images of conflict, suffering, and potential threats – and we don’t know what and who is real. The helpers are out in force, which highlights hardship and compassion – and it’s easy to spiral into despair from emotional exhaustion.

The Sun-Neptune spiritual solution is to focus on your ideals, dreams and visions for yourself and the world – and do what you can do to be of service, large or small. Compassion and empathy are the hallmark of the this energy, and when you offer it from a place of well being, rather than from a place of identification, then you are really helping. Stay high, as much as possible. That’s the work. 

Use the Aquarian planets (Saturn, Venus, Mars) to be objective and logical – we need innovative solutions to spring us from the distress we feel as helpless bystanders, watching the world implode. Muster your resources for your care and contribution to The Greater Good. If you are in need – get the help you need.

On March 17, Mercury is sextile Uranus, bringing an unexpected communication, new info or realization that is from within or someone else, but it should illuminate your world or offer a new perspective. Think helpful plot twist (we’ll take it!). 

Everything happening now leads up to a Full Moon in Virgo on March 18, just before the Sun enters Aries on March 20, when we should see some movement. In the meantime, give yourself extra space and care during this sensitive time of feeling for the underdog and those with less power, another Pisces trait. Baths, nature, essential oils, sunshine, music, pets, connection, silence – are all soothing practices for your tender Self on your soul’s journey. 

“What the ego wants is tiny compared to what the soul wants, and there comes a point when we recognize this, and we surrender to soul.” ~ Marion Woodman

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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