Sun/Uranus in Aries ~ March ’12

We are still in the New Moon energy in the fiery, assertive sign of Aries. If you haven’t done your New Moon Intentions, there’s still time to activate the New Moon energy if you do them now.

In the coming week the energy is shifting again, and you may find yourself changing your mind or feelings about things you thought you were committed to. Easy does it… and as I said last week, allow for creative detours when taking action.

The Sun is conjunct Uranus (rebellion, genius), so watch for sudden changes, within and without. If you find yourself impulsively ready to leap into something new, don’t commit to anything major just yet, as you may change your mind.

You can utilize the Sun/Uranus conjunction to download a brilliant new idea, solution or find a new, creative expression of your Self. Be your most authentic YOU!

Work that crazy Uranus energy to liberate yourself from restrictions or old negative patterns – just don’t make dramatic changes without a second opinion.

Use the 24-hour rule: wait 24 hours to see if you still feel the same way before committing to a decision. Don’t burn any bridges if possible and get a second opinion from a trusted adviser before doing anything drastic.

Mercury retrogrades from assertive “Listen to me” Aries back into sensitive, perceptive Pisces now until mid-April. This is your opportunity to gain insights that you may have missed before.

With Mercury in Pisces, you can discover new viewpoints, heal issues, gain intuitive insights, and find gentle words to soothe old wounds and create compassionate healing within you and your relationships with others. This is a Divine opportunity.

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