Sun-Pluto enter Aquarius / Full Moon in Leo – January 2024

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Transformational Pluto, planet of Divine Power, leaves Capricorn to re-enter Aquarius on Jan 20 until Sept 1, 2024. The Sun meets Pluto at 29º Capricorn early on Jan 20, then moves into Aquarius, followed by Pluto in Aquarius joining the Sun at 0º Aquarius. 

The death and rebirth process between the end of Pluto in Capricorn that rules banks, governments and traditional top-down hierarchies – and the continuing awakening of Pluto in Aquarius, governing tech and science innovations, rebellion, colonization of space, digital $$ and global consciousness is just the beginning of a grand restructuring that will take years to unfold. 

We don’t know exactly what “progress” will look like, but as the world assumes new realities old cherished traditions will become obsolete. Some advancements will make life more convenient and functional, some will benefit the natural world, some will serve health and wellness – and some will likely undermine our personal freedom and privacy in the name of digital connection.

Jan 20 – This is a monumental day, when the Sun conjoins Pluto at 29º in Capricorn. A chapter in your life is ending, complete, or you need to take a stand. Capricorn is the Authority, and you must trust yourself, rather than seeking approval or agreement from an outside source in order to claim your Authority. Approve of your Self. If you’re giving your power away (Pluto), you know it, because you don’t feel free. Also, 29º Capricorn can be the abuse of power or powerlessness. 

The Sun enters Aquarius and we are in the archetype of Authenticity – independence, innovation, rebellion and invention, likely feeling greater possibilities than when you were in traditional Capricorn. This is the sign of radical change, online reviews and recommendations, rule-breakers, equality, humanitarian causes, organizations and groups, networking and like-minded types that gather for a common cause. 

We’re entering a 20-year phase with Pluto in Aquarius, as you are invited to elevate your perspective to a and seek a tribe of like-minded friends, colleagues, peers and others who are aligned with you. This is a space where you can be fully Authentic, inventive, weird, brilliant and all that you truly are without holding back, in service to a cause that is greater than your personal interests. This is a powerful motivator and a transformational connection with the group for the Greater Good.

This week you may have a personal experience or feel buzzy and intense with the new Pluto in Aquarius frequency in the air. Practice impeccable Self-care (the basics – extra rest, good food, connect with caring souls) and choose the vibration of love, as you focus on what you Keep your focus high and don’t drop into drama.

Jan 25 – Full Moon in Leo @ 9:54am PDT. The emotional energy is heightened as we approach the Full Moon, and this is with the Sun conjunct Pluto in Aquarius (power) opposing the Moon in dramatic Leo, that wants to be seen and heard. 

The Full Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis is about creativity, Self-expression and your Authentic Self, to be shared for the Greater Good. You were given your gifts to be used (not to keep hidden away!), and withholding or denying them is the illustration of a wound.

With Pluto conjunct the Aquarius Sun, your Authentic Self is turbo-charged and powered to show up, opposing the Leo Moon that wants to be seen and heard. Express yourself! With Jupiter squaring them, it can support both your Sun and Moon in opening up – and it can help to bring down any walls that block the full expression of your creativity and Authentic gifts. 

This can also be a setup for a conflict between a leader (Leo Moon) and the masses (Aquarian Sun) – or it can be a conflict in two opposing areas of your life, with Jupiter blowing things out of proportion. If so, what is in conflict, out of balance, unsupported, overdone? Get the message, find a solution and don’t get hooked on Leo drama (wasted energy). 

Community is a part of this Full Moon, and remember that belonging is one of your most important human needs, especially when you are encouraged to be and accepted as your Authentic Self. Finding your tribe is the cure for all who were ever made to feel that they were “too much” or unacceptable to be fully received, accepted, appreciated and adored, just as you are! Being fully accepted is the ultimate stress reliever and a deep heart healing. I so wish that for you if this applies

Be mindful during this highly emotional week and Full Moon in dramatic Leo. Drama is perfect for the stage and performances, but toxic in daily life. Vision, tap into your innovative higher mind, meet up with friends and use the creative energy to express yourself.

Know that you are here on purpose and you have gifts to share with your community and the world. Do not downplay your role and dismiss your importance (false humility). Every single one of you counts and together we will carry the mission forward, as we usher in the new frequencies that are arriving on the planet daily. 

Being empowered and living from your heart are necessary to thrive in the world today. You need to create strategies for dealing with doubt, fear, and uncertainty so that you don’t lose steam while we’re in this collective unfolding. Welcome to life in the new age of Pluto in Aquarius.

“I only want what is in full alignment with my Divine Self.”  ~ Sue Cimino 

“Your life is changing in ways that may be uncomfortable at the moment, but which will bring rewards in the future. You are like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Don’t force the process and don’t cling to the cocoon. Whether you realize it or not the changes that are occurring right now are clearing a new path, one that will bring its own rewards. “  ~ Christine McCabe

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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